Update: New AU hostel construction at an advanced stage

The Highland Park sponsored women’s’ hostel construction is at an advanced stage with the foundation completed and window frames installed on the structure. The Chairperson of the Grounds Committee of the Africa University Board of Directors Mrs. Margaret Makadzange toured the site on the 13th of March 2019 along with the Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa to gauge progress and ensure that the project was coming along well.

She said, “I am so pleased with what I have seen here. We are making so much headway in the construction process and we will be seeing the finished structure soon.”
The contractors will commence installing the electrical wiring of the building shortly that with over 60 dedicated and skilled builders working round the clock to meet the project deadline.

In keeping with the prioritization of safety for both students and staff as well as cognizance of the environmental impact of the project, clear demarcations of the construction zone have been erected to guarantee safe passage of members of the public past the site especially at night. Tasks that require heavy machinery that generate high volumes of noise are carried out at strategic times to reduce disturbances to students in nearby hostels.

The project has come to fruition through funding from the Highland Park United Methodist Conference spear headed by Mrs. Lisa Tichenor who together raised a total of 2million dollars for the construction of the residence and a new student union building for the students of Africa University.
The drive behind the construction of the women’s’ hostel and the new students’ union building originates from a desire to enhance the vision of the institution to reach world class status and to also provide the best possible student experience for learners.

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