Students socialize and blow off some steam ahead of exams with Sports Day

Story by Stacey Rukudzo Tadiwa Mutambanadzo 

2.2, Social Work (Sub warden)

On Saturday the 1st  of April, Africa University’s Dean of Students Department hosted a Sports Fun Day for students and staff alongside the Sub Wardens which offered a wide range of sporting activities and disciplines like football, touch rugby and basketball. 

The day kicked off with a block to block march led by the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services band followed by a series of competitions in each sporting discipline. All participants were sectioned  into their respective colleges and competed against each other for a trophy for their College. Each game saw fiery competition as the participants gave their all to emerge victorious. The Sports Fun Day was not only about competition, but also about team building, socialization, problem solving as well as promoting physical activity in an enjoyable way. It was an excellent opportunity for our students to get off the computer and embrace the outdoors. 

In addition to the main sports events, there were also various side activities such as tug of war, slippery pada, dodge ball, bucket challenge, racing sacks and an  obstacle course. In the end, the day was filled with fun and excitement. The Sub Wardens made sure that everyone got the chance to participate and enjoy some healthy competition. The atmosphere was one of camaraderie and celebration. 

The event was a great success and will always be remembered as a momentous occasion for all involved. The University Warden, Mrs Chizema applauded and commended the Sub Wardens at Africa University for helping to organize such a successful Sports Fun Day. 

The day culminated in an  awards ceremony for students who were victorious in the games. CHANS won the College award and the Sports personality award was given to Zade Patel who is a Rugby Player. The male rising star award went to Tadiwanashe Kamusewu who is a hockey player and recently competed in the Africa Junior Cup Qualifiers playing for the Zimbabwean team as he is the Vice Captain. Furthermore, the Female rising star award went to Stacey Mutambanadzo who is the AU ladies Rugby team captain. The Male Sports captain of the year award went to Tafadzwa Mashonganyika who is a Basketball player and the female Sports captain of the year award went to Stacey Mutambanadzo who is a Rugby player and the captain as well. The Sports technology award was given to Fortune Ndigaya who is a Basketball player and the Sports volunteer award went to Kelvin Chirara who is a Volleyball player. The most amazing award was given to Wilson Hazangwi who is the Rugby Males’ team Vice Captain and he got the award for ‘Crowd puller of the year.’ Overall, the Sport of the year was the Men’s soccer and the outstanding sport of the year was the Women’s Rugby team.