Students opt to miss a meal a week to help feed families in need.

The effects of the COVID- 19 pandemic have been  crushing on industries, businesses and health sectors across the world, but no one is more at risk of slipping into poverty than families who were already vulnerable prior to the current crisis. As lock down measures on the continent continue with  slight easing of restrictions in critical economic sectors , many are facing an uncertain future and a possibility that their main sources of income may not be as readily accessible as before.

Africa University’s international students who are still resident on campus due to travel restrictions are making an effort to lighten this burden of uncertainty for vulnerable families by extending kindness and support.

The students were motivated to give back to the community as thanks for the  assistance that Africa University extended to them in their time of need  as Zimbabwe implemented shelter in place strategies to stem the spread of the virus. The Feed a Family Campaign  aims to assist families in Mutare, Mutasa and Nyanga areas where pastors serving in these districts will assist in the identification of those families who are  most in need of help. The project has been funded through the sacrificing of one meal per week by the over 200 students currently resident on campus . The cost of the food that has been forgone is then channeled towards the purchase of food items.

The stories shared by the first beneficiaries of the food items that included salt, 2 litres of juice, poultry, peanut butter , cooking oil and mealie meal have been harrowing with some having not eaten for days while others resorted to foraging for edible root vegetables to have something for their children to eat.

The donations that were handed over on Monday the 4th of May 2020 in the presence of the Dean of Students Mr. George Miti and Chaplain Reverend Maudy Muchanyerei  are undoubtedly a timely blessing and a true representation of servant leadership and the dedication of Africa University and her student body to the community that it serves.

To help this cause you can reach out to:

Kukah Everylyne Esther on +263778422286


Costa on +263773645785


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