Securing your future- Introducing AU Careers Advising and Education Hub USA

The Career Advising & Professional Development (CAPD) unit operates under the Vice Chancellor’s office and plays a vital role in fostering a student-centered university environment. We collaborate closely with various entities such as the Student Representative Council (SRC), Student Affairs, Academic Units, Academic Affairs, and industry experts to establish and implement best practices in career advising and professional development. 

CAPD is dedicated to encouraging students to excel academically and actively participate in Africa University activities. We strongly encourage students to engage in various opportunities such as the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub, AU Choir, AU Praise the Lord Choir, Sports clubs, peer networks, debates, Enactus, only to mention but a few.  By participating in these activities, students can enhance their skills and broaden their experiences. Since Africa University’s inception in 1992, we are proud to share that about 60% of our graduates have secured fulfilling positions as Diplomats, Government officials, and officers in esteemed organizations.  This is a testament to the quality of education and preparation provided by Africa University and CAPD unit. 

CAPD is located in the ICT building, where our dedicated team is committed to supporting students throughout their academic journey. We emphasize the significance of hard work from the moment students step foot on Africa University’s campus until their completion of studies. Students’ performance not only contributes to their success in applying for local, regional, and international study programs but also plays a crucial role in exchange program opportunities. Therefore, we encourage students to aim for passing all required courses and strive to achieve a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 or above, as it adds substantial value to their academic profile. At CAPD, we are here to guide and assist students in reaching their full potential, both academically and professionally. 

In partnership with the USA Embassy’s Public Diplomacy Section, Africa University have established a new public information and activity center called the Education USA Hub. The EdUSA Hub is housed at the Career Advising and Professional Development office. The goal of the EdUSA Hub is to provide education advising services to graduates, scholars, and professionals who are interested in studying in the United States.  The Center helps students broaden their horizons and gain valuable information on how to access international education experiences beneficial to their future career prospects. Advisers provide information on a host of topics that encompass:

  • The university admission process and standardized testing requirements 
  • How to finance a U.S. education i.e., scholarships, grants, fellowships, financial aid, and exchange programs
  • The student visa process. 
  • Preparing for departure to the United States. 

Education USA-Zimbabwe is part of the global network of advisers who offers correct, accurate and comprehensive information on studying in the United States of America.  We are pleased to share that many Africa University students have been assisted to study in the USA through the partnership AU & US Embassy has so far.  

CAPD Vision 

Inspiring career success for all students, through collaboration, innovation and professionalism. 

CAPD Mission 

Through our inclusive, responsive and professional services, we provide opportunities to:

 Explore options, enabling individuals to make informed choices about their future through accessible, approachable and effective careers education, information and guidance. 

Develop employability skills, confidence and experience through innovative co-curricular and work-related activities in collaboration with university faculty and employers. 

Connect our University student community with national, regional, and global employers and employer organizations, to build effective partnerships and create diverse opportunities. 



Officers in Career Advising & Professional Development Unit 

Ms. Tsungiriro Manunure: Africa University Career Advising Officer 

Ms. Lucy Chiduku: Education USA Adviser 

Goals and Objectives of CAPD Office 

Assist students to reflect on their ambitions, interest, qualification and abilities.  

Assist students in navigating their academic journey and preparing for their future career. 

provide necessary resources, guidance, and support to achieve student career aspirations 

Engage professionals that will train all students across the university  

getting involved in campus activities to help students develop important skills,  

expand student knowledge  

develop leadership skills 

improve time management skills 

Strong network of peers and the industry  

promote professional behavior   

provide opportunities for personal growth 


How can CAPD help you? 

The Career Advising Office provides a wide range of career services and resources to help students transition smoothly from studying to working.  CAPD offers the following services that will help 

Students learn more about potential career paths and build our professional networks:

  • one-one appointments or online appointments with students on campus
  • wide variety of career focused workshops and events throughout the year which covers  career fairs,  career Expos,  career trainings to build students professional skills, resume writing, interview tips, network opportunities, professional business etiquette, work ethics, connect students with industries etc. 
  • public lectures, internship and employment postings , connecting students with alumni and  Human Resources Professionals in your field of interest.   

Words of Wisdom  

We place a strong emphasis on the value of working diligently towards your chosen career paths. It’s important to note that all programs are equally valuable, and it is essential to recognize that striving for excellence leads to individual success, which in turn contributes to collective success. We highly encourage students to register with the CAPD (Career and Personal Development) office and make the most of the abundant resources it offers. By utilizing these resources to their fullest extent, students can maximize their potential for personal and professional growth. 


How can you connect with us? 


Ms Tsungiriro Manunure    

Ms Lucy Chiduku 

AU Career Advising Officer    

Education USA Adviser 

Email address:  

Email address: 

Phone No:  8688002151 ext. 2062  

8688002151 ext. 2066 

      61611/61618 ext. 2062  

61611/61618 ext. 2066 



Twitter:  @EdUSAZim 

Facebook:  EducationUSA Zimbabwe