Reliving the ’90s: A Night of Nostalgia at Africa University’s Blast from the Past

Story by Juliet Sithole

Office of Advancement and Public Affairs Media Graduate Trainee

Welcome to the Blast from the Past: Africa University Flashback Friday Night, an event designed to immerse participants in the essence of a bygone era, celebrating its quirks, trends, and unforgettable moments. Hosted by the Sub wardens under the Dean of Students Unit, this exhilarating event attracted a diverse crowd of faculty and students eager to partake in the festivities.

Embracing the ’90s theme, attendees arrived adorned in their finest retro attire, showcasing a kaleidoscope of grunge, glam, and everything in between. From neon colors to denim overalls, basketball jerseys to oversized shirts, and classic band tees, the dress code was a hit, capturing the essence of the decade with flair. It was not uncommon to spot someone sporting a Gringo-inspired tracksuit or a nostalgic barrette, adding to the authenticity of the evening.

The event boasted a remarkable turnout, with participants expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of a bygone era. The combination of music, dance, and theatrical performances provided the perfect blend of entertainment and nostalgia, transporting attendees back to the vibrant spirit of the ’90s.

In an interview, Kudzai Chitapi, a male sub warden, shared insights into the rationale behind Flashback Friday, stating, “The ’90s were a vibrant era of flannel shirts, slap bracelets, and dial-up internet.” He emphasized the significance of the decade’s cultural influence, from its iconic fashion trends to its distinctive music scene. Held at the iconic University Chapel stairs, this themed party captured the essence of the ’90s, with era-specific attire and a diverse array of performances celebrating the decade’s unique dance and theatre culture.

The highlight of Flashback Friday Night was a series of performances paying tribute to ’90s dance and theatre. Talented student groups showcased choreographed dance numbers, including popular moves from the AU Dance Club and representations from various African communities. Theatre enthusiasts were treated to catwalks, skits, and plays reminiscent of ’90s themes and humor, adding a dramatic flair to the festivities.

Flashback Friday/90s Friday night proved to be a resounding success, bringing the Africa University community together in a unique and enjoyable way. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees has sparked interest in making this event an annual tradition on our prestigious campus, ensuring that the spirit of the ’90s continues to thrive for years to come.