Notes from the field: Careers, attachment and all things professional

Captains of industry who attended the Inaugural Careers expo  shared some brief notes on the sidelines of the event to grow the minds and ambition of AU’s students. Below are some excerpts of conversations held by our correspondent Vimbai Shure.

Chief Executive Officer ZERA (Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority)  -Mr. Mazambani

The questions we pose as young adults should motivate us to find solutions and not be stuck and blame the economy . The ultimate thing you need is to survive as an individual, we are animals on the inside, we are carnivores and we have survival instincts because when in the face of danger, the first port of call is flight or to attack it in order to survive .

When you get in an environment,  try as much as you can to suck in as much information for your own benefit and try as much as you can to arm and protect yourself from people who might intend to utilize your talents as a young adult because people are cruel and can do anything for their own success .

Sometimes you don’t need to do things that are popular to resolve issues. Don’t focus on money in the beginning but rather focus on the problem and resolve the issues .Being flashy is not a mark of success, be grounded and focus on what exactly you want to achieve .

 Learn to separate your work life and personal life .Learn to maneuver in the work field and explore as much as you can. Don’t be stagnant in one field, try something completely different and out of your comfort zone as you never know where you might land .


ZESA Holdings Accountant -Mr. Simbarashe Takodza 

Students about to go into the world and journey into the corporate sector should not only look out for employment but look into creating employment for themselves .What you’ve been learning all these years in college is what others thought and wrote for you to read as a student . So put all those ideas and see your way out .We are no longer encouraging the students to think outside the box but to remove the box and think for themselves because we are living in a Volatile, Uncertain ,Complex and Ambiguous workplace. Be a confident person and don’t feel threatened when you go into your interviews .There is a thing called low balling where you start at the lowest part of the ladder and as you climb the ladder you show yourself .Everything that happens there is a learning point to know how to tackle working relationships ,know when to speak and when to keep your silence.

National Association of Social Workers  Consultant -Mr. Chabayanza

Know how to network with people from all around the world . Students would be very much valuable if they had groups in which they interact with each other and not withhold important information from one another.