New staff members of the Africa University family hosted by Acting Vice Chancellor at welcome luncheon

New staff members of the Africa University family hosted by Acting Vice Chancellor at welcome luncheon

11 new members of staff were welcomed to Africa University by the Acting Vice Chancellor Rev. Professor Peter Mageto, Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Pamela Machakanja and Interim Registrar Dr. Pedzisayi Mangezvo. In a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, the lecturers who shall serve in various departments including Social Work, International Relations and Accounting as well as others who shall work towards the establishment of the Journalism and Broadcasting programme and the School of Law, officially met the top university executive. The welcoming of new members of staff and students to Africa University has become a time-honoured tradition where an open interchange of ideas, passion and collective vision are given room to thrive and the university executive has the opportunity to get to know members of the university community at a more informal level.



The Acting VC in his remarks emboldened the new staff members to dream, to innovate and to boldly leave their impact on the university and the young minds that they shall play an important role in nurturing and growing. He went on to place emphasis on the God- driven passion to serve that exists within the culture of the university at every level.

 “Our being at Africa University is a privilege. We do not call what we do here work but a calling and a commitment to serve. You must create your identity and leave your mark on this institution, that is the opportunity that we offer to you and to all of our staff. We believe in the principle of shared leadership and shared governance and our open discussions here offer you an opportunity at self-introspection into what you have to offer Africa University and of what Africa University expects of you. Servant leadership is who we are and our students are at the core of what we do. Their welfare, their progression and their excellence reflects on us as educators.”


Inviting each member present at the luncheon to speak to their background and what they each hope to achieve in their time with the university, the intersection of individual passion and institutional direction allowed for the development and discussion of means through which new partnerships can be forged, student advancement can be ensured and avenues created through which the university and grow through research and innovation in the respective disciplines represented.


Dr. Linette Sithole, a lecturer in the School of Law said,

“I feel proud to be counted among those who will work towards the establishment of the School of Law at Africa University. I look forward to our school being a pace- setter in the field of law in Zimbabwe and Africa, breaking new ground with our programmes and leading the way in education excellence”



 Lecturers who represented the two fastest growing and on demand programmes at Africa University, Social Work and International Relations, looked forward to creating African professionals in these respective areas who are highly trained, dedicated and driven to contribute to the global knowledge economy based on high impact research from the African context in line with the tenets of Education 5.0.

Dr. Gadzikwa who is on board to assist in the establishment of the new Journalism and Broadcasting programme said of what he hopes to achieve,

“I am here to build the Journalism and Broadcasting progamme. I look forward to training ethical, Afro- conscious and dynamic journalists and broadcasting professionals who competently and ably tell the African story as it should be told.”

Our newest staff members are:

 Social Work: Mr Taurai Nyandoro, Dr Tawanda Masuka,Mr Semwayo, Dr Bellarmino Chikwaiwa and Mrs Lizzy Zinyemba.

International Relations: Mr. Norman Pinduka

School of Law: Dr Linet Sithole and Dr Elizabeth Rutsate

Accounting: Dr. Rumbidzai Muzira

Peace, Leadership and Governance: Dr. Murwira

We wish our new staff members success as they serve in God’s project, Africa University.