Matriculation 2022: AU’s incoming 30th anniversary class looks forward to an exciting academic journey

12 August 2022

Africa University welcomed into its community over 450 freshmen from 16 countries namely Angola, Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda , Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe where the Vice Chancellor Reverend Professor Peter Mageto shared nuggets of wisdom couched in the student experience,  the melting pot of cultures  that Africa University offers and immersion into the community and its activities.

“You are coming to a unique university that has been built upon the foundations of strong values and ethics that will make you grow. You are the few that have been selected and we congratulate you. Africa University is God’s project!”

The Vice chancellor went on to highlight the many exciting developments that are taking place on the campus most notably during the institutions’ 30th anniversary with a new women’s hostel set to be constructed this year through funds generously raised by the East Ohio Conference in the USA led by Bishop Tracy Malone. With 58% of the freshman class of 2022 being female, this development will go a long way in ensuring the academic success of the girl child. Further to this, university- industry linkages were touched upon which form a gateway of opportunity for AU’s student body in mentorship from captains of industry, employment opportunities and practical learning experiences that are critical for the 21st century global graduate.

Vice Chancellor Reverend Professor Peter Mageto

The AU choir was in top form entertaining those in attendance with an array of celebratory songs from across the continent to celebrate the milestone event together with the freshman class.

Mr. Amos Dobyo, the incoming Student Representative Council (SRC) President form Nigeria shared his appreciation for the support that the university continues to give to the student body. He went on to encourage the incoming class of 2022 to use their time wisely.

” Maximize your time. Your choices define your future so please choose wisely. Place God at the center of everything you do and do not leave this university the same person you were when you first arrived. Embrace positive change and self discovery. There is no such thing as a foreigner at Africa University but instead we have a meeting of brothers and sisters.”


Amos Dobyo- Incoming SRC President

Ms. Sandile Mpofu who is studying in the College of Health, Agriculture and Natural Sciences (CHANS) delivered remarks on behalf of the freshman class highlighting the new start and exciting times that lie ahead encouraging her peers to take the good with the bad that may come their way with the ultimate goal being to triumph and rise above adversity, taking lessons from the resilience of the university emblem- the Acacia tree.

“We look forward to the moments, the memories, the principles and the morals that will guide us. We are truly thankful for the family that we have been inducted into. We look forward to becoming the next generation of great leaders. It is a humble experience to visit the countries of Africa through the connections that we shall make here. Here’s to the experience the rose petals and the thorns.”


Sandile Mpofu- Freshman Class of 2022 representative

After the matriculation ceremony, the freshman class were treated to an interactive session with the Vice Chancellor, faculty, senior administrative staff and continuing students  in an informal setting where music and a braai hosted by the Academic Affairs Office allowed a platform for fellowship .