Incoming 2023/24 Student Representative Council officially handed leadership of AU’s student body by outgoing team of 2022/23

Story by Juliet Sithole

Friday 14 July 2023 marked the official end of term of service of the outgoing Student Representative Council (SRC) leadership led by Mr. Amos Dobyo from Nigeria, as they handed over stewardship of the student body to the incoming executive. Mrs. Dube, Acting Dean of Students, gave the opening remarks where she  applauded the outgoing SRC team for the period on a job well done. She reflected on and gave special mention to the key achievements,  accomplishments ,and triumphs of the entire team which has seen them fully furnish the Highland Park Student Union Building common areas, offices and Student Union shop, as well as opening a hair salon and purchasing a PA system. Further to this, they also facilitated the efficient transportation service for the student body throughout the academic year and looked after the welfare of students in need.

The outgoing SRC 2023/23

Mrs. Dube also placed emphasis on the the University values of professionalism and academic excellence as she welcomed Mr. Zade Patel from Zimbabwe who is the incoming president along with his team, as they take over from where the previous student administration left off. 

In his remarks, outgoing president Mr. Amos Dobyo acknowledged that his term was not without failures, but in the midst of it, he  did away with thoughts of individualism and leaned on the skills, talents and capabilities of those around him to rise up and deliver. Describing his staff, Amos said, “Our team was  one that had a drive for service and making an impact. We all developed active interest in each other and had a strong belief in shared success.” Mr. Dobyo thanked the Africa University Management through the leadership of Reverend Professor Peter Mageto and his Executive Cabinet for the commitment, student-centered approach and  unwavering support they gave to his entire team during their term in office.

In addition, Mr. O’neill Mvukwe (Secretary General, 2022-2023) in a comment, described the team as being  unique and driven, as each and every member showed character and would apply their individual gifts and  talents to their the work. In summing up his remarks, he challenged the incoming leadership led by Mr.  Patel to be one that is collaborative with a balanced approach, understanding that unity can give way to  positive impact allowing room for innovation to facilitate optimal delivery of service.

The Africa University Registrar, Dr Mangezvo, on behalf of the University Executive Cabinet, extended his many thanks to the outgoing SRC leadership for the successful term of office and tangible assets they acquired for the benefit of the students. He said that Management is devoted to sustaining  support for  the incoming leadership and ensured them that his and other offices in the institution shall always be open for assistance and guidance .

Incoming  President Mr.  Patel, on behalf of his team, assured the university community that he will pick  up from where the previous team left and continue to strive for the welfare of AU and its students. He went on to emphasize the 5 principles that shall guide his leadership: Communication, Transparency, Accountability, Collaboration and Accessibility. 

He went on to say, “My team will always prioritize the needs of the students and work diligently to ensure that their concerns are addressed and that their experience at  Africa University is positive and fulfilling.”

Africa University  wishes the new leadership for the 2023-2024 Academic year a fruitful journey as they continue to lead and inspire.