Inaugural Africa University Careers Expo prepares students for the VUCA world

Africa University hosted a first of its kind careers expo at the main campus on the 16th of February 2023 where human resources practitioners from over 18 organizations in the public and private sector were in attendance to share nuggets of wisdom and critical knowledge with the aim of better preparing students about to graduate, and those still in- stream, on the dynamics of the world of work and how to adapt to this ever- changing landscape.

Organized by the department of Careers Advising and Professional Development as well as the Student Representative Council the expo was an intentional dismantling of the barriers between the corporate world and institutions of higher learning where synergies and platforms for cross sectoral collaboration and growth were presented.

Speaking during the launch of the inaugural expo, Vice Chancellor Reverend Professor Peter Mageto stressed that the VUCA environment which is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous is here to stay. He went on to add that global shocks that affect the socio- economic wellbeing of nations are becoming increasingly common requiring a new way of thinking and reimagining of the world by potential graduates and graduates alike.

He said, “One of the purposes of higher education is the preparation of students for a highly competitive job market and ever evolving world. In real time, Africa University understands the role of higher education in the evolving job market and our aim is to keep our programmes in tandem with Agenda 2063, Education 5.0 and the sustainable development goals that have been designed with the future in mind. We remain committed to developing ethical and driven graduates and have therefore seen the urgency and the need for this careers expo as we look to learn and anticipate movements and developments in the world that our students shall be going into.”

Guests of honour Dr. Tajudeen Oyewale , Country Representative of UNICEF and Mr. Edington Mazambani, Chief Executive Officer of the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) applauded the initiative reinforcing the need for constant support of students throughout the education life cycle to ensure that graduates are equipped with the skills they need to succeed and to thrive.

 Dr. Oyewale went on to embolden the students present to be take full advantage of the world of opportunities available to them and appreciated Africa University for being a consistent and steadfast partner standing firm in driving the development agenda. ZERA CEO Mr. Mazambani emphasised passion and discovery of oneself in the careers journey with a strong commitment to excellence .

Specialist breakaway sessions for each of the  institution’s three colleges ( College of Health, Agriculture and Natural Sciences, the College of Business, Peace, Leadership and Governance and the College of Social Sciences, Theology, Humanities and Education ) were hosted to allow for in- person engagements with representatives present from Telone, United Methodist Global Health, CIMAS, The National Association of Social Workers, ZESA Holdings, Mimosa Mining Company, Old Mutual, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Youth Alive, Industrial Psychology Consultants, Wattle Company, Tanganda Tea Company and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA).