If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door: The Masawara Career Expo.

Story by Juliet Sithole

(Advancement and Public Affairs Graduate Trainee)

It really was a refreshing morning down in Mutasa District, partly raining with a cool breeze, but all geared up for a Career Expo to take place. The Mutasa family who have been running the Masawara annual Medical and Dental Outreach for 9 years began a career guidance outreach with the Scientific and Industrial Research and Development Centre (SIRDC) two years ago . Its core values encompass Health, Food Security and Nutrition, Education, Christianity and Empowerment.

The reason behind this Career expo is because schools in the remote areas had been lagging behind in so many areas and the schools in the Mutasa District were the ones with proximity, thus they thought of reaching out to assist, said Bethel Mandizha who is a business development analyst at  SIRDC. She further said that the idea of having a Career expo emerged back in 2019 during the Covid 19 era.

Professor Rudo Mutasa representing the Masawara Family purported and lead in the organization of the expo said, “The intention of having this Career Expo was tripartite whereby students would have an opportunity to learn about the degree programs and occupations available and subjects required, for tertiary institutions to showcase the programs they offer and for professionals to answer questions by students about various career opportunities available as well as establishing avenues for scholarships .”

Over 15 schools were present for the event supported by their teachers and the Mutasa Rural District Council represented by Councilor Chitsora. The Department of Employment in the Ministry of Public Service Labor and Social Welfare, represented by Mrs. Torto said, “We are mandated to do Career guidance for schools, thus, we welcome all those who work with students to make informed decisions with adequate information just as the universities and the corporate world provide.” She also thanked the SIRDC and the Masawara family who organized such an event. Mr Charles Mazorodze representing the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Schools in the department of Learner Welfare further added that they do not wait for Career Expos to provide information to school children, rather, they do Anti-drug and substance abuse campaigns and invite a lot of exhibitors to come and showcase what they do as well as providing relevant information to learners so that they may be equipped with enough knowledge preparing for the corporate world.

Schools present included Hartzell High and Primary schools, Nyakatsapa High School, Junior Steps private school, St David Bonda Girls High, St Mathias Tsonzo and St James Zongoro only to mention but a few. The Universities and Colleges present were Africa University (AU), Chinhoyi University of Science and Technology (CUT), Mutare Teachers College (MTC) as well as Manicaland State University (MSU). Other exhibitors were Eversharp, Econet, Empower bank, CBZ, Lancet Clinical Laboratory, National Blood Services of Zimbabwe (NBSZ) and Liquid among others.