#I love AU! Fillette Uwayo from the DRC lets us know what makes our campus so special.

By Fillette Uwayo (DRC) -MSc in Human Rights Peace and Development

My name is Fillette Uwayo, a Congolese female pursuing a Master of Science Degree in Human Rights Peace and Development. The first year of University can be very worrying for many students, and how they cope with that stress will often determine how prosperous they will be in their studies. Thus, coming to Africa University is the best decision I have ever made as it was fully approved by my parents also. Africa University has transformed me into a greater version of myself that I did not know I possess. AU has granted me an opportunity to experience Ubuntu (which I used to learn, the theoretical part of it, but I am now practicing it), as well as learning how to be in a diverse community. It really is a great privilege to be in such a community because I have built strong networks and built amazing friendships too. I am who I am today because of Africa University.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Rights, Peace and Development at Africa University is also an opportunity for me to perceive the challenges encountered in our day to day lives and offer the panacea to such ensuring that all persons can live lives of dignity and respect. Thus, I am so confident that Africa University is the best institution that can assist me in attaining my set goals. Although I felt alienated from the University when I first came in terms of other students, the staff members, and being not from an English speaking country, I was overwhelmed with the discrepancy between studying for an Undergraduate degree and the Masters studies’ environments despite knowing that there would be differences. I really want to accentuate the significance of the AU staff hospitality and the students who supported me in the transition from secondary institution to University in terms of ensuring that I feel that I belong in the university despite that I came from DRC where French is the native language. Hence, Africa University is indeed the best place to be as it has all one would require for a smooth journey in pursuing your degree. I also got social support from my peers which made my stay at Africa University a more interesting one, which I honestly cannot regret.