Highland Park Student Union Building SRC Offices equipped with SRC executive furniture

7 June 2022

The Student Representative Council (SRC)  leadership of 2021/22 together with the incoming leadership for the 2022/23 academic year took receipt of brand new executive furniture for the offices of the SRC president, Vice President, the Student Parliament Boardroom and other offices within the Highland Park Student Union building. The event was witnessed by the university’s executive, staff and the student body. The furniture is a fulfillment of the Highland Park United Methodist Church and Africa University Board member and Chairperson of the AU Tennessee Development Committee Mrs. Lisa Tichenor’s dedication and commitment to providing a world class student experience to the institution’s learners.

Mrs. Lisa Tichenor

The  unique , Afro – centric furniture includes a 20- seater executive boardroom table and accompanying chairs, 3 office desks, built- in executive shelving, chairs for the Highland Park Student Union Building visitors’ center and other  accessories that will enhance the administrative functions of the SRC. Vice Chancellor Reverend Professor Peter Mageto emphasized the necessity for good stewardship, responsibility and appreciation for the love and dedication shown by Highland Park UMC in continuing to believe in the university’s mission and investing in the students of the university. He went on to express gratitude to Highland Park and Mrs. Lisa Tichenor.

VC Rev. Prof Mageto (right) and Interim Registrar Dr. P. Mangezvo (left), inspect the built- in shelving that will be used in the administrative functions of the SRC

“We truly appreciate the constant support that Mrs. Lisa Tichenor and Highland Park United Methodist Church continue to bestow upon us as they invest in improving the lives of our students. We will continue to place at the forefront integrity, stewardship, honesty and the constant pursuit of the best. This building and these offices will be a place where innovative ideas, new connections and new networks will be forged. We assure the student leadership that you will always have our support. We work and move in a culture of  shared governance and responsibility.”

Going further, VC Rev. Prof. Mageto went on to share that plans for landscaping the grounds that surround the Highland Park Student Union are in development.

“I am happy to report that funds are already available for the landscaping of the grounds that surround this building so we look forward to beginning this project.”

Appreciating the university’s fulfillment of its promise to prioritize the student experience, outgoing SRC Vice President Habacuque Lopes Caxinda from Angola said,

“We come here today as the student body with open hearts to say that this is God’s grace upon us. We recognize the efforts of the Vice Chancellor and his Executive for being enablers that have helped us reach this milestone. The student- centered leadership that is at the heart of this university shines through.”

Incoming SRC President for 2022/23,  Dobyo Amos, a Nigerian 3rd year Bachelor of Divinity student echoed Mr. Caxinda’s sentiments adding,

“This is a sign of selflessness. We say thank you to the donors, to the university leadership and to those who have come before us in this station to bring this vision to fruition.”

Dean of Students Mr. George Miti capped off the remarks by celebrating the able leadership of the SRC in representing the student body as well as their ability to think outside of the box when confronted by challenges, bringing ideas that improve the lives of their fellow students and the university at large.

The Highland Park United Methodist Church has built a state of the art women’s hostel as well as the new student union building in which the SRC offices are housed.