Embracing technology to make education accessible, inclusive and interactive

Africa University tread new ground when it became the first institution of Higher learning in Zimbabwe to offer ZIMCHE accredited online programmes in November 2017. One and a half years on since its launch, the programme has proven to be immensely popular among students as it offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience offering students the opportunity to plan their study times often around very busy careers.

To date, Africa University offers four programmes namely Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Master of Education in Educational Technology, Master of Public Sector Management and a Bachelor in Computer Information Systems. The initiative was launched initially in the territory of Zimbabwe and has grown to cover the rest of Africa showing the increase in popularity of the previously marginalized method of learning that has been dogged by myths regarding its security and authenticity.

The university has put in place extensive mechanisms to guarantee the integrity of all its online programmes and educating the continent on the inherent benefits of online learning. E learning has a multitude of advantages as it is cheaper than conventional learning, is flexible as already mentioned and offers a mode of education that is inclusive and paced according to the ability of the learner making it more intimate and personal ensuring greater rates of student success.

So how does online learning work? Course content, these being assignments, discussions, lectures and so forth, are presented via an online virtual classroom which can be accessed anytime, anywhere provided there is an internet connection. Course material is provided through text, video and audio on a weekly basis and assignments, readings and discussions are uploaded by the instructor for use by the student and collaborative groups that can be created on the platform.
Assessment such as examinations are taken online under supervision at designated approved centres near the student. Those who thrive in online learning programmes are organised, self-motivated, independent and have good time management skills. All degrees earned online at Africa University are exactly the same as those of students who are enrolled in conventional programmes.

Online learning is an experience that is open to everyone, from any background which adds to its appeal. Basic IT skills are the only things required to excel with students needing to be familiar with Gmail, Microsoft Office. And the ability to browse the internet. E learning is an integral component of AU’s mission of harnessing technology to bring education to all corners of Africa.

For more information on our Online programmes, please email dce@africau.edu

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