Education 5.0 – Africa University shares milestones and strides made towards the continental innovation and industrialisation

12 January 2022

Africa University received the Director of Higher Education Programmes (HEP) in the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science, Innovation and Technology Development (MHTESITD), Dr. Dennis Murekachiro on the 12th of January 2022 at the Mutare main campus. The HEP is on a nationwide familiarisation tour of both public and private institutions of higher learning across the country to explore how Education 5.0 is being implemented into curriculum development and the teaching and learning processes of universities in Zimbabwe.

Education 5.0 is an education philosophy anchored on 5 pillars- Teaching, Research, Community Service, Innovation and Industrialisation. The philosophy further encourages heritage-based learning that looks to the natural resources locally available and seeks to develop industries around these resources that result in value added products that are ready for market and export. The main objective of education 5.0 is to change the development trajectory of the nation of Zimbabwe from selling unfinished/ raw resources at a lower cost to the global economy, to selling finished products that support the creation of sustainable industries, encourage entrepreneurship, and shift the African economy from one of mass consumption to mass production.

Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Mageto officially welcomed the director and his delegation and stressed the importance of Education 5.0 in the development of empowered, driven and innovation- minded graduates.

“Education 5.0 is critical to the enhancement of our educational landscape and the reshaping of the minds we teach. Africa needs new skills, new competencies, new ways of thinking and reimagining.  Historically, our African education systems have focused on just the first three pillars of Education 5.0, Teaching, Learning and Community Engagement. The addition of the pillars of Innovation and Industrialisation takes our country and continent to the next level.”

Prof. Mageto and the executive went on to present to the HEP the sterling work and strides that the university has made towards Education 5.0 from the dynamism of the i5 Hub that has taken a number of products through the innovation process, the university farms’ award-winning dairy and piggery projects, through to the recasting of programme curricula to focus on empowering students to develop solutions to problems faced within their respective countries of origin.

Director of HEP Dr. Murekachiro outlined what the envisioned impact of Education 5.0 in Zimbabwe and Africa is and acknowledged the role AU is playing is bringing this to fruition.

He said, “This familiarisation tour by the Ministry is to get to learn and understand more about Africa University and how it is aligned to the mandate, drive and direction of the Ministry. As a nation, we look to achieving an upper middle-income economy and this is possible through knowledge and education. Universities have a critical role to play. They build capacity of students and staff to propel this vision forward. They offer us room for a process of evaluation and continuous improvement. As the Ministry, we are giving a call to action to institutions of higher learning to fulfil this mission. We want to modernise and industrialize our nation. Our education system should train students to produce services and goods. The work that has been presented to today by Africa University shows that the institution is running with the vision of Education 5.0. What you have achieved so far is highly impressive and we look forward to seeing what more is to come in 2022.”

Director of Higher Education Programmes Dr. Dennis

Murekachiro viewing yogurt samples at the university farm


The Directorate of Higher Education Programmes serves as a link between the Ministry and universities in Zimbabwe. It also serves to provide policy guidance and support in various areas of the development of higher education in Zimbabwe.


A Ministry representative viewing Malaria parasites at the AU/ Vectorlink Malaria Insectary Unit during a campus tour.