CHANS responds to the need for more hand sanitizers as AU emancipates Mutare community to observe hygiene best practise

The AU CHANS through it Department of Public Health and Nursing headed by Dr. Mugomeri have begun the process of production of hand sanitizer which the college intends to make available to members of the public at a highly subsidized fee that will go toward the replacement costs required for the procurement of more materials.

Hand sanitizers are a basic requirement in the COVID- 19 pandemic to observe good hand- hygiene in the absence of water that currently is beyond the reach of many due to prohibitive pricing. In an effort to fill in this gap especially for those who do not have ready access to clean water, Dr. Mugoeri and his team set to work to develop the product as cheaply as possible. Speaking to the process, Dr. Mugomeri said, “the formula itself is rather simple, we combine Ethanol which must be at least 70% in concentration, rubbing alcohol and Glycerine for moisturisation. We expect the entire production process to take us at least two weeks, one week to procure the materials in the quantities we require and the second week for production. We were sure to test the efficacy of our formula to ensure that we are getting the best possible product to the people.”  The province of Manicaland is yet to record a Corona Virus case and efforts are being made in all sectors to raise awareness and necessary caution in the public.

As part of these efforts, Africa University reached out to the Penhalonga Police Station that is the closest to the University and donated to the station 3 mobile handwashing units as well as cleansing materials that included liquid soap and bleach. Penhalonga Police Station receives and average of over 25 visitors per day and serves a community of nearing 1000 people. The high volumes of persons coming in and out of the station have necessitated the placement of measures to ensure the public remain protected. Assistant Inspector Pasvani who received the donation along with Assistant Inspector Mukuviri said, “We are so happy to have received this donation that will go a long way in protecting the public and the officers on duty. We were inspired by what Africa University is practicing currently at on its premises where all those who enter are required to wash their hands and have their temperatures checked before entry. The data collected allows for smart decision making and evaluation of the measures implemented. We plan to do the same at the polic station where we will place the washing units at our main entrance and where all visitors will be required to wash their hands. This is where conscientization begins and the instilling of goods habits that ripple throughout the community takes place.”

Mobile hand washing units and cleansing materials donated to Penhalonga Police Station

Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Peter Mageto who officiated over the official handover of the materials added, “The greatest thing we can maintain especially in a crisis Public Private Partnerships. Pehnalonga Police Station are so close to us not only geographically but also in terms of our relationship. They have never neglected our call wherever we have needed assistance and joining hands with them in this cause is important to us as we maintain the relationship and our sense of community. Successfully implementing good hygiene practices at the station is a priority as they serve a front- facing role to the people and we must make sure that both are adequately protected.”


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