Campus news round up: CZI Manicaland Congratulates the 5th Vice Chancellor Rev. Professor Peter Mageto and pledge their support to the university

25- 29 March 2022

The Africa University campus was a hive of activity on the 25th of March 2022 with multiple events covering academia, health and women empowerment rolled out throughout the day keeping the community highly engaged and in the know on important and topical issues. 

Graduate Studies Dissertation Review Workshop


Hosted by the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, a graduate studies dissertation review workshop was held for  lecturers, heads of department and administrators in all the three colleges to refresh and refine the skills of those who supervise the process to offer supportive, knowledgeable and impactful guidance to students undergoing this part of their studies. The dissertation forms the culmination of respective degree programmes and is a rigorous process in which the research, critical thinking and ability to generate original knowledge to one’s field is examined. Often a very trying and intimidating part of the degree programme for many students, workshops and trainings such as these  go a long way in ensuring and supporting student success.


Bishop Alfred Norris Community Health Fair

Organized by the Bishop Alfred Norris Health Center under the Dean of Students, a health fair was hosted for the university community that was intended to provide an opportunity for students and staff to take time out of the day to priorities their health and acquire free testing and medical check ups to stay in- the- know regarding their health status. Partners Steward Bank, EMRAS, CIMAS, National Blood Society of Zimbabwe (NBS) and the Red Cross  Society showed their support for the initiative offering free BMI, blood pressure, diabetes and stress tests.

The NBS also took the opportunity to conscientize the community on the importance of giving blood, a cause to which many staff and students took the time to donate towards. Mental health awareness post COVID- 19 was also a key thematic area of the fair, encouraging people to look after their mental wellbeing and to reach out when in need of help.


Women’s month celebrated

Held under this year’s theme, Breaking the bias, a powerful and inspiring panel of women led by Dr. Zanele Furusa , hosted a virtual event to commemorate the occasion with presentations on grief, women and the environment, women and health and women in tech . Opening the webinar, Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Pamela Machakanja encouraged women to take stock of and pride in the many advancements made over the years however, she laid bare the harsh reality that in Africa, poverty still wear a woman’s face and much more needs to be done to elevate women in all areas. An advocate of environmental awareness , Dr. Furusa emphasized that the effects of climate change shall unfortunately be borne unequally by women and the time to act and mitigate against this is now. With the challenge laid before women to recreate the future, the webinar presented an incredible opportunity for fellowship and the sharing of ideas among women and men to  prepare for and solve these challenges.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Manicaland Congratulates the 5th Vice Chancellor

The Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Manicaland executive visited Vice Chancellor Reverend Professor Peter Mageto on the 29th of March to offer the Chamber’s congratulations to Prof. Mageto on his appointment as the 5th Vice Chancellor of the university. Pledging their support and continuing partnership with AU, the president of the CZI Mr. Mavhu expressed his appreciation for the extensive involvement of the university in the activities of the Chamber over the years with the two partners enjoying a robust relationship that leverages public- private partnerships, immersion in industry and networks for students and alumni and collaborating in the creation of innovations that solve  industries’ most pressing problems.

Prof. Mageto affirmed the existing partnership and said he eagerly looked forward to creating more opportunities and pathways for unlocking the potential of Zimbabwe and Africa through such relationships.