Bindura University of Science Education Vice Chancellor Prof. Mwenje shares his Africa University experience and talks avenues for collaboration

The Office of the Acting Vice Chancellor Reverend Professor Peter Mageto and Africa University had the pleasure of hosting Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) Vice Chancellor Professor Eddie Mwenje for a two- week contact leave where the BUSE VC interacted extensively with various units of the university and its officers learning more about the university culture, ethos of excellence and strong leadership culture among students and staff.

Beginning with a tour of the key units of the institution and the university farm, Prof. Mwenje gained a glimpse into the efficient organizational structure and vision of each unit and it’s leads and how the work of each individual of Africa University contributes to the smooth running and development of the campus.

Of his time with AU, Prof. Mwenje said,


“Africa University is a very strategic university in that it is training students from across the continent. One of the standout moments of my time here was meeting students who have come from very difficult situations in their home countries and the nurturing and care that they are getting here is significant and impactful.”

Speaking to the administrative structure, organization and leadership of the university, Prof. Mwenje went on to say,

“I am so impressed by the organizational structure of AU. It is lean, and posts such impressive results and outcomes which speaks volumes of the personnel and leadership here. The productivity is off the charts. What is also inspiring is the development that is put into the people that work in the various departments that harnesses their potential and this is truly commendable.”

Africa University strongly believes in the value and importance of cross university collaborations and the possibilities that exist for such avenues with BUSE are numerous. Prof Mwenje emphasised placed emphasis on this especially in the areas of education and training. Prof. Mwenje said,

“BUSE produces excellent educators who are highly sought after in the region and we could collaborate with Africa University to extend this training excellence to reach more students in Africa through educational exchanges and joint programmes.”

Africa University and BUSE are both members of the prestigious Zimbabwe Universities Vice Chancellors Association (ZUVCA) where such opportunities for Vice Chancellors from other institutions to visit, learn from and share are encouraged and nurtured. Through such progressive and development oriented associations, the future of collaboration and leveraging on shared expertise, a passion for the development of Africa and education on the continent is assured.