AU Student Representative Council launches campus hair salon bringing convenience and service excellence

The 2022/23 Student Representative Council that completes its term at the end of July 2023 has rounded out its time of service on a high note with the delivery of the long awaited Highland Park Student Union Salon that was officially launched on the 28th of June 2023 . Fulfilling the need for the student body to access services on campus from shopping for basic necessities, to food and beverage services and now to grooming facilities, the SRC is fulfilling its mandate and feeding into the student centered approach championed by the university’s executive and administrative leadership.

The Highland Park Salon comes fully equipped with stylist stations, mirrors, and dark wood cabinets and fittings.

In addition to launching the hair salon, the Council also commissioned a public address system to be utilized for student events that shall run throughout the academic year. At the launch, Vice Chancellor Reverend Professor Peter Mageto expressed his pleasure and appreciation of the SRC as it leads from the front in improving the ambience and experience of students at Africa University going the extra mile in their  dedication and commitment to excellence .

He said, ” The future is not tomorrow, it is here. We look forward to seeing how you envision the running of this facility not only as a profit making venture but also a platform for learning and entrepreneurship. My leadership will continue to support the student government and invest in your ideas. Our desire is to see our students take the lead. Our greatest interest is in the building of an ethical , strong and confident student leadership.”

Acting Dean of Students Mrs. Sarah Dube  appreciated the constant support of the university towards student initiatives saying, “We give God the glory who has journeyed with us and we thank the university management for availing every support to the student leadership. We are happy to present to you the Highland Park Student Salon where convenience is being brought to the students. The student leadership has also furnished their executive offices so that they will able to meet with and discuss student related matters in a professional setting.”

Since the commissioning of the Highland Park Student Union Building on the 20th of July 2020, the student body has made it a space of their own where their creativity and youth flourishes from the modern and afro- centric artwork that was personally selected by them, to the vibrant atmosphere and furnishings  maintaining the African identity and inclusivity of all cultures.

During a tour of the facility, SRC Deputy President Mr. Ashley Nyamukuta said that the salon shall be open for use by the student body, staff and members of the community with final touches expected to be put in place before the August 2023 intake arrives on campus. The salon payment infrastructure and system were wholly funded by the SRC using funds from sales made in the Union operated tuck-shop speaking to the reinvestment of resources into student led businesses and a move towards self sufficiency.

SRC Vice President Mr. Ashley Nyamukuta

SRC President Mr. Amos Dobyo in his vote of thanks said, ” One thing that stood out to us as the leadership of the SRC that we have learned from Vice Chancellor Mageto was stewardship. By following this example , we have seen that the little you have, when looked after properly, can yield returns that enable you to do more. In addition, it also attracts more people to invest in and advance your cause. This is something that we as the outgoing SRC leadership and those that are going to follow us hold dear and promise to continue.”

VC Rev. Prof Mageto (center) poses with the outgoing 2022/23 Student Representative Council Leadership

The Highland Park Student Union Building is a gift from the Highland Park United Methodist Church in Dallas,  Texas USA,  that was built for the enhancement of student life and empowerment of the student body on campus. The facility has grown to become a hub for entertainment, socialization and  recreation among AU’s students.