AU Student leadership of 2020/21 Induction Training: Ready to serve, transform and motivate.

1 October 2020- The incoming Student Union Parliament and the core leadership of the student body, the Student Representative Council, are in the process of leadership training that will position the elected candidates for a successful and impactful tenure  as they serve the Africa University student body.

The objectives of the rigorous four day interactive workshop are to articulate the responsibilities required of the office bearers, give an appreciation of the student constitution, allow the incoming leadership to become acquainted with best practice in governance and team work and to most importantly acquaint them with the philosophy of student leadership and service above self. 

Hailing from Malawi, Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria, the student leaders  were inducted into their respective positions by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs that shall serve as the anchor and guide of the chosen representatives in their leadership journey. Registrar Mr. Herbert Njonga in his opening remarks congratulated the incoming group emphasizing the unique manner in which they came into leadership especially at the height of the COVID- 19 Pandemic. Through the first ever online elections held by the student body, all campaigning was conducted through  official social media channels established specifically for the purpose culminating in elections conducted through similar means.

Mr. Njonga said, ” Congratulations to all of you. The feat that you have accomplished to be here has shown your collective ingenuity to overcome challenges and mobilize as students for your common good and that of the university. As you assume the helm of leadership, respect must be at the very core of everything that you do. Respect yourselves ,  respect your colleagues and respect those who have put so much faith in you to represent them. The greatest disservice you can do is to abuse the faith and trust that has been placed in you. Do not take your positions lightly.”

Registrar Mr. Herbert Njonga

Registrar Njonga went on to give assurance to the newly elected council that the university is a partner in their leadership journey and there to support their efforts. Mr. Herbert Njonga has served as a mentor to many successive student leaders at the university in keeping with the Africa University culture and tradition of grooming the next generation for leadership through the engaging , accessible and student- centered management approach the institution has become renowned for among its students.

Student Representative Council President from Zimbabwe Mr Michael Ike Ndu said of the training, ” We feel privileged to be in this position and are honored to lead the student body most especially in these trying times. This training is preparing us mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the amazing road ahead of us. Our diverse backgrounds will bring interesting perspectives that will give us new eyes with which to see what others consider to be challenges but what we know are opportunities. We look forward to leaving our mark and making this an amazing year for our students! There is no place like Africa University where we are nurtured, groomed and encouraged to constantly be the best version of ourselves. The support and love we have received from our Dean Mr George Miti, our Vice Chancellor Professor Munashe Furusa and every level of administration and leadership at AU has been awesome.”

Elected to serve a one year term, the Student representative Council and the Student Union Parliament represent the interests of the student body and work in tandem with the university administration to create a community that is just, equitable and allows students from all backgrounds, creeds and nationalities to thrive in a space that is made for them  and by them.