AU Prepared me for  front- facing roles in diplomacy and development- Alumnus Peter Mwamba on welcoming Vice President of the United States of America Kamala Harris to Zambia and gaining exposure through his degree

Recently, I completed a five-week training programme with the Embassy of the United States in Zambia called Leaders Arise, that touched on Politics, Leadership and Governance. I was selected for this exclusive programme because of my Master’s degree qualification from AU in Human Rights, Peace and Development that I completed in 2021. Through this pathway, I was also honored to have been selected as part of the delegation that welcomed Vice President of the United States of America Kamala Harris on her visit to my country.

Mrs. Harris was in Zambia to celebrate the strong relationship that exists between Zambia and the United States of America. She also came to announce the projects that the two countries are embarking on to ensure development and democracy in the country.

Growing up, I never expected to be rubbing shoulders with world leaders nor indeed becoming a leader and development advocate myself  for my community. AU shaped me to be the exact candidate for programmes like Leaders Arise and  looking back , I can say that my time at Africa University (AU) was extremely amazing. I started a degree in education in 2017 and proceeded with a master’s degree in Human Rights, Peace and Development . AU created a leader in me who aspires to make things happen.  It shaped me in a way that I seek solutions to problems that my community faces and not just listing the number of problems and doing nothing about them. AU equipped me with the ability to function effectively in a diversified environment. Due to my time at AU, I have good communication skills that allow me to be heard and not ignored by society entities.

Welcoming Mrs. Harris showed me the great heights one can go to if they remain focused and determined. I also met other high-profile officials at the event including the Vice President of Zambia. Hard work always pays off and these first steps to greatness and the impact I wish to leave urge me to aim higher and remain focused.