AU launches East Africa leg of on- spot student recruitment with alumni at the forefront

6 March 2022

Africa University has launched the East Africa leg of on- spot student recruitment for the March and August 2023 intakes in Nairobi, Kenya. A three member team led by East Africa Region Student Recruitment lead and lecturer in the Institute of Theology and Religious Studies Dr. George Achar is in the country from the 4th to the 11th of March 2023 to recruit undergraduate and postgraduate students from the country.

Dr. Achar commented on the significance of the trip as well as the impact of AU’s alumni  in the region to date .”Kenya is central to the East African region with access to other nations. There is also plenty of regional representation in Kenya allowing us to reach out to more of our potential students. This trip would not have been possible without the determined assistance of our alumni in the country who have been on the ground. A number are serving in pastoral ministry, civil service and industry which also gives our prospective students real- life testimonies and evidence of the impact and high value of our degrees in East Africa.”

The weeklong campaign also seeks to increase the visibility of the Africa University brand and its programmes on the international market, meeting the requirements of the institutional charter that requires the university to have a 60:40 international student ratio pushing the Pan- African education agenda.

Student Recruitment Assistant Ms. Sandra Munhumwe said, ” This visit is key to our recruitment efforts as it helps us to understand the Kenyan and East African market which gives us greater insight into the needs of our international students, how to best serve them, craft products to suit their contexts and brings our office and services directly to them living up to our student centered approach”.

The East Africa Recruitment Team- (From left) Sandra Munhumwe , Student Recruitment Assistant. current student Selvine Dama, undergraduate Leadership and Governance and Dr. George Achar giving careers guidance after the AU Sunday service at St. Johns Kayole, Nairobi, Kenya

Attending a special Africa University Sunday at UMC St. Johns Kayole , Nairobi District, Kenya- Ethiopia Conference, organized by District Superintendent Reverend Tom Wilton Odongo who is also an alumnus of Africa University , the team worshipped with the local community and had the opportunity to offer careers guidance and counselling to church youth shortly after the service.

Jacklyne Atotso and Charlene  Dome,  graduates of the AU Bachelors of Divinity programme were also in attendance and gave testimonies and inspiration to the congregation detailing the change that attending AU has brought to their lives.

Jacklyne Atostso is currently a lecturer in the Kenya- Ethiopia Conference Pastoral Training College which was established in 2019 and seeks to train the next generation of church leaders in not only theological doctrine but how to minister in the contemporary world and create shepherds for an ever evolving and complex world.

She said of her vocation,” We need both spiritual and knowledgeable leaders within our churches , well versed in matters of the spirit, but also  able to serve and provide guidance to everyday challenges most especially in the lives of our youth.”

Jacklyne Atotso

Jacklyne is looking forward to enrolling this August at Garrett- Evangelical Theological Seminary for a PhD in Theology and Ethics. 

Charlene Dome’s  career has led her to pastoral care and counselling as a Chaplain at Kamiti Maximum Security Prison , Nairobi , which has a population of 2,500 inmates. Small in stature and unassuming, Charlene says her line of work requires a high level of resolve and determination with the end goal being rehabilitation and bringing inmates outside of the circumstances and situations that brought them there.

“I love my work and find it wonderful! Each day brings something new, a new challenge that I need to overcome. I see my work as that of healing. Some inmates’ situations are heartbreaking but I need them to see that they are more than these situations and can overcome. My mission is to bring hope.”

Charlene Dome

District Superintendent Odong appreciated the efforts of Africa University in reaching out to the continent and encouraged more engagement in all the regions of Africa. ” We are so happy to have Africa University come to East Africa through Kenya. Through this work, we hope to inspire more youth about education and the work of the university and the United Methodist Church in the world. Our alumni are bringing real change to their communities and we can see that here in Kenya.”

East Africa Student Recruitment lead Dr. George Achar and Nairobi District Superintendent Tom Odongo