Staff embrace flexible working solutions

AU COVID- 19 Update: Staff embrace flexible working solutions

Africa University  has ramped up protection measures in a step up of far – reaching measures that have already been implemented to mitigate the institutions’ exposure risk to COVID- 19  infection.   Staff have been permitted to develop flexible working solutions that will see the University continuing to function and serve its students and stakeholders through the pandemic. 

In a communication issued by the University’s Registry Office, staff will from the 26th of March 2020 stagger their attendance throughout  the work week with a minimum of three working days  set.  On all other days when staff are not in the office, they will be required to work from home.

Through the University’s Enterprise Resource System (ERP), the institutions’ service departments that include the academic, business and admissions can be conducted online thereby minimizing the need for face- to face interactions,  with those queries that can absolutely not be addressed online accommodated through access to dedicated service personnel who are always on call.

These measure have been implemented so as to reduce the in-flow of people moving in and out of the University at any given time and to reduce the likelihood of transmission of infection as those staff who are not at work are encouraged to avoid unnecessary travel and social interactions.

Ms. Sandra Munhumwe, Admissions Officer in the Academic Affairs Department welcomed the initiative and  emphasized the University’s preparedness for the move online. She said, ” Our department is making full use of the ERP software that the University implemented early last year in 2019. Training was conducted across the institution’s units such that with these developments where the times are uncertain and we have had to close but still continue with delivering the world class service that our students and stakeholders expect from us, we are more than able to meet that expectation. For example in my area, we have now requested that all applications sent in be done so online. It is convenient for the potential August 2020 intake student as they can submit, track and inquire about their applications as they choose as opposed to traditional methods of physical submissions and post. Such technologies help us immensely but more so in situations such as these.”

The rapid developments that have come along with technology have allowed workers to work from any location . Africa University is making a concerted effort to leverage these technological advancements to improve its service delivery and accessibility to students and stakeholders across the continent.


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