AU claims top prize at the Contact Centre Association Awards

Recognized for its reputation for disrupting the status quo of higher education, its passion for innovation and its outreach to communities across Zimbabwe in an effort to make education more accessible, Africa University on the 31st of October 2019 walked away winners in Recognition of Excellence in the Higher Education Sector at the Contact Centre Association Awards Dinner held in Harare.

Africa University is a centre of collaboration and integration where its mandate of “Investing in Africa’s Future” has been realized through cooperation and the creation of strategic networks with business, industry, civic society and government to forge linkages that lead to transformative and impactful change.

At the core of the institutions’ recognition has been its teaching and learning that encompasses holistic and practical education that ventures far beyond the boundaries of the classroom to extend to creating for its student body an environment where learners are encouraged to actively apply theory learned and as opposed to thinking outside the box, are taught that there “is no box”.

With over 8000 active and engaged alumni, the results of its highly contextualized and dynamic programmes can be seen in the numbers that assume leadership positions across a wide spectrum of professions.

Director of Advancement and Public Affairs Mr. S. Chikozho who attended the awards ceremony and received the award on behalf of the University said,

“In its 27 years of existence, the institution has delivered significantly on excellence, student experience, impact and leadership transformation in Africa, a mandate that the University takes seriously and continues to live up to. Africa University has produced transformative leaders for governments, business, civil society and churches, with over 90% of its over 8000 graduates returning to their home countries to reinvest their skills and develop their nations. This milestone reflects Africa University’s customer service approach as a strategic objective that goes beyond an institutional focus, but rather a continental drive to positively impact the markets, communities, countries and regions that we ought to transform.”

Also in attendance were the Interim Director of the Africa University Harare Study Centre and Board Member Mrs. Margaret Makadzange. Africa University continues to leave its mark on the education landscape in Zimbabwe and the nation with the numerous accolades the University receives affirming the work and respect that the institution continues to garner from its peers in Higher Education, the business community in Zimbabwe and regionally.

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