Africa University operational status update during the Level 4 National Lockdown

The nation of Zimbabwe has gone into Level Four Lockdown for a 30- Day period in a concerted effort to curb the spread of the COVID- 19 Virus. As such, only essential services and critical economic sectors are permitted to operate. Africa University in compliance with these necessary regulations that are intended to save lives, protect the health of those most vulnerable and reduce the spread of the virus, has advised its staff to work from home with immediate effect with only those categorised as essential services reporting for duty at the Main Campus in Old Mutare.

The commencement of teaching for the second academic semester that was to begin on the 18th of January 2021 has been rescheduled to begin on the 25th of January 2021 and shall be conducted online. As has been the culture of the university, our aim is to ensure academic continuity, robust support and quality education for our diverse student body of over 24 African nationalities despite the impact of the pandemic. Further to this, the university is making use of smart technological solutions to allow our staff to diligently serve our valued students and stakeholders throughout the lockdown period.

On campus, strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols is being instituted with all essential staff and international students who are resident on campus encouraged to correctly wear facemasks when moving between buildings, wash hands frequently or use hand sanitizers where water and soap are not readily available, and to practice social distancing at all times.

The University’s Rapid Response Team (RRT) continues to assess the situation and remains vigilant.  Africa University would like to encourage members of the public to take efforts to contain the COVID- 19 Pandemic seriously as there has never been a more urgent need for us all to practice shared accountability and shared responsibility. Let us remember our African guiding philosophy of Ubuntu as we understand that the good health of one is the good health of the nation.

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