Inaugural Africa University Alumni Association Inducted Into Office

10 September 2021

The inaugural leadership of the Africa University Alumni Association (AUAA)  were inducted into service in  a virtual ceremony that was attended by members of the Africa University Executive Cabinet and the Academic Senate with the event streamed online for alumni, partners and stakeholders to witness around Africa and the globe.

The executive of the AUAA  were elected into office through online elections held during the month of August where candidates made use of social media platforms to publicize their manifestos and rally alumni to their vision and goals for their respective offices.

Acting Vice Chancellor Rev. Professor Peter Mageto in his congratulatory remarks set the tone with advise and counsel on the caliber of leadership expected of the Alumni Executive. 

“Being the inaugural alumni executive, know that much is expected of you as trailblazers and pace- setters who will lead in the creation of a robust and inclusive association. Your conduct must be above reproach and in all your deeds, you must strive to be just and equitable in your intentions and strategic focus .”

Rev. Prof. Mageto went on to speak to the need for inclusivity and diversity across the Alumni Association for its sustained growth and impact on the continent.

“Being products of this great Pan- African institution, the embrace of diversity should be second nature to you and should form the foundation upon which your strategy is built. To overlook this would be to betray the very intention and bold ambition that this university has taken up as its rallying cry, One Africa, united and indivisible. You may be Zimbabwean, Nigerian, Zambian, Sierra Leonian, Angolan or Congolese by birth, but you are African by heritage and by right before you are anything else.”

Acting Vice Chancellor Rev. Professor Peter Mageto

 The Acting VC emphasized the need for the university’s alumni to be ambassadors and the greatest champions for Africa University with the institution’s impact and renown coming from the quality, professionalism and integrity of the graduates that it produces.

Associate Vice Chancellor Dr. James Salley addressed the Alumni Executive providing depth , perspective and clarity on the triumphant journey of Africa University to the realization of its mission and vision .

He said, 

“Africa University is known as the school of dreams in the valley of hope and for us, a new dream has come true. It has always been our desire to celebrate a substantive alumni leadership. When the Africa Initiative passed in  1988 in St Louis Missouri for the establishment of this institution, there were doubts as to the future of its impact and legacy. Some even went so far as to question, can anything good come out of Africa? We began with 60 students, and now we have an enrolment of thousands. They said we would never construct  a building , now we have over 45 completed on our campus, all without debt. We have completed our financial year with a surplus. Others said we would never graduate a student. Now we stand as alumni of over 10, 000. Can anything good come out of Africa? Look at all of you. This university has stayed true to its mission. We thank you for giving of your time, your effort, your talent and your resources to support your university. “

Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement Dr. James Salley

The 10 member Alumni Association Executive is comprised of representatives  from Angola, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Zambia, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya with a rich mix of experience, youth and enthusiasm across the board.

With a vision to create a vibrant pan-African platform that inspires all alumni to share a lasting mutually beneficial relationship with Africa University, the core objectives of the association are to mobilize, support, fundraise, nurture and be mentors for students and newly minted alumni still finding their purpose in the world.

AUAA President Dr. Faith Nyamukapa from Zimbabwe said in her acceptance speech,

“I am elated at the support I have received to lead this Association. I have a deep sense of responsibility to God, to the University and to the alumni to take up the mantle and grow our membership. We are no longer individuals but we are a team of passionate, eager and capable people who stand ready to serve our university. During my tenure, we will try to ensure representation , engagement and inclusivity . Empowerment and building valuable synergies shall also form the bedrock of our work.” 

Dr Faith Nyamukapa – Junior Achievement Zimbabwe
Dr. Faith Nyamukapa- President of the Africa University Alumni Association

The tenure of the AUAA leadership shall last for a period of 1 year after which elections shall be held to select the new leadership . The 2021 AUAA Executive comprises the following:


Dr. Faith Nyamukapa, Zimbabwe

Vice President

Mr. Chris Namilonga, Zambia


Ms. Elizabeth Yambasu, Sierra Leone


Mr. Yerima Kenneth Thomas, Nigeria

Committee Members

Mrs. Rita Curimenha de Sousa, Angola

Mr. Michah Tera Barde, Nigeria

Mr. Tawanda Chipere, Zimbabwe

Mr. Absolom Oluoch, Kenya

Mr. Komborerai Murimba, Zimbabwe

Mr. Glory Mulimba, Democratic Republic of Congo