Jokomo Yamada Library receives donation to capacitate Social Work Resource Library

The Jokomo Yamada Library received a donation of 121 books in the discipline of Social Work from the Diaspora Social Workers and Friends Organization. Mr. Phillip Bohwasi, a representative of the organization and lecturer at Africa University in the College of Social Sciences, Theology, Humanities and Education in the department of Social Work spoke of the relationship that exists between the university and his organization mentioning that the Jokomo Yamada Library is an important resource for learners and the benefit that they attain from the library is unquantifiable. It is through this intrinsic benefit that the Diaspora Social Workers and Friends Organization felt that the most impact and reach for the propagation of the discipline throughout Africa would be realized.

He further commented on the state of the profession and why it is so important especially in the times the world is living in.

“I will say that Social Work is a profession that is increasing in demand given the socioeconomic problems of unemployment, substance abuse, gender based violence and crime and conflict, usually propagated by poverty, that are recurring problems on our continent. In situations where many people are unable to support themselves, feelings of inadequacy and uselessness arise that are triggers for vagrancy, violence and crime which have ripple effects on the community and a country as a whole. Social workers play a pivotal role in creating mechanisms to help people cope with these triggers that can lead to a spiral into self- destructive behaviours. We have seen an increase in the number social work schools and programmes which indicate this increase in demand and popularity. The donation that we have made here today addresses a multitude of topical subjects in the discipline from introductory texts to policy to the intersection between social work and law.”

Dr Rosemary Maturure, the Librarian of Africa University received the donation on behalf of the university community saying,

“This donation means our collection has been enhanced and it means our students are going to have a variety of books at their disposal. We want to thank the Diaspora Social Workers and Friends for embarking on this noble cause.”

Faith Vengesai, a first year Social Work student said,

“The importance of Social Work is that it is the voice of the voiceless. Poverty is a big social issue in many countries and children are the most vulnerable to its effects. I look forward to being able to be there for this often neglected section of our society providing, counsel, support and informing policy leaders on interventions that work.”

Africa University’s Social Work programme has proven to be hugely popular amongst learners with the programme being put into place in response to a critical shortage on the continent of skilled professionals equipped with the knowledge and techniques necessary for addressing social issues.  The programme goes further by being a call to action, with Africa University at the forefront to confront head on matters of social justice and become agitators for change.

The profession of social work seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and to effect system-wide change through the pursuit of social justice. Further to this, social work seeks to help people overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges. Social workers not only consider an individuals’ internal struggles, as a counsellor might, they also work with people to examine their relationships, family structure, community environment, and the systems and policies that impact them in order to identify ways to help address challenges.(

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