Africa University Chaplaincy makes donation to student living with disability to increase mobility and access

22 September 2021

The Africa University Chaplaincy provided Masters in Human Rights and Development student Chamunorwa  Chitaukire with a set of brand new crutches to increase his mobility and reduce accessibility challenges that he  faces in moving around the main campus. In the Wednesday Chapel service, Acting Vice Chancellor Rev. Professor Peter Mageto invited the congregation to pray over the walking aids and for Chamunorwa as he begins his postgraduate study with the university.

University Chaplain Rev. Maudy Muchanyerei said,

” As Chaplaincy, it is our duty to look after and ensure the welfare of the most vulnerable members of our community. When we were advised that we had a student with disabilities on our campus, we engaged him to inquire about how he was adjusting and whether there was anything that he was in need of.”

Africa University Chaplain Rev. Maudy Muchanyerei

Rev Muchanyerei went on to say,

” We saw that his crutches had seen better days. One was damaged and the other was in disrepair. You can imagine the mobility challenges this would pose.”

The Chaplaincy team sprung into action and procured a new set of crutches  for Chamunorwa. In addition to this, the office of the Dean of Students in conversation with him made arrangements for his meals to be brought to a more accessible venue after he highlighted that he struggled with stairs. 

Chamunorwa applauded the quick mobilization of resources and genuine care that he has been shown by the university saying,

” The university in its layout has definitely made efforts to be as inclusive of the disabled community as it can but naturally, one cannot think of everything possible and there are still some areas where I have needed extra help such as accessing my meals, the Dean of Students did not hesitate to assist me. The support system that has rallied around me has been nothing short of amazing. The staff and students have been so welcoming and accommodating which has definitely made my stay here a good one. With the increase of online study in our curriculum, I had mentioned that I did not have a machine . The Information Communication Technology department has also been gracious enough to provide me with a desktop machine. I truly appreciate all that has been done for me. “

Chamunorwa Chitaukire, Master of Human Rights and Development Student

True to  the Ubuntu philosophy and the  togetherness of the Africa University community, Chamunorwa’s classmates have pledged to help him weather any obstacles he may face and support him in any way they can.