2020 Freshmen Orientation Goes Online

2020 Freshmen Orientation Goes Online

Africa University launched its virtual orientation for first year students from across Africa beginning with a webinar attended by close to 350 students hosted by the University Executive, College Deans and Senior Management on Thursday the 20th of August 2020. In true AU tradition, VC Professor Munashe Furusa extended an especially warm welcome touching on the culture of academic excellence, innovation and determination that is expected of each AU student.

Prof. Furusa said, ” I wish to thank you and your parents for choosing Africa University .You cannot wait for a perfect moment to advance your academic journey. You must create that opportunity and seize it. You have taken the first step. As the first university in Zimbabwe to be accredited to offer online programmes, you can rest assured that our university is at the forefront of the e- learning revolution in Zimbabwe and is constantly breaking new ground in this area. Our track record of online education is impeccable as we still remain the only university in Zimbabwe that has managed to complete the teaching of its entire academic semester across all years and successfully and securely host examinations entirely online. As we patiently wait for the day when we can fully re-open our doors and welcome you to experience our campus, we have instead created for you a virtual campus through which we shall offer you an exceptional student experience compromising on nothing. The amazing partnerships that we have made with the best institutions of learning in the world among them the NCUK consortium of 19 universities in the UK and Australia, to others in the USA, open avenues and opportunities for collaboration and research. The national and international awards we have won and continue to win for our innovation, business enterprise and leadership reflect the esteem with which we are held and measured by our peers in higher education, the corporate world and among development agencies.Our disruption of the status quo and reinvention of our educational models has cemented our place among some of the best universities in Africa. This brand of excellence, determination and ambition is what we expect from our students. “

Prof Furusa went on to highlight the amazing opportunities that online education offers such as highly personalized and intimate learning experiences that positively impact student success and allow space for greater academic development and progression.

Remarks from the Registrar Mr . Herbert Njonga encouraged the new students to carry themselves with respect, dignity and integrity . He went on to offer sage advise on student conduct online and in the social media space with regards to future employer expectations and the building of a personal brand that projects positivity and professionalism.

The three college Deans added their voice to the positive affirmations and ushered  the freshmen into the university by highlighting the the high impact research and innovations that have been produced by the colleges to date and the important role that students play in the knowledge generation process.

Speaking to creating an enabling environment in which the student body remains integrated and connected , the Dean of Students Mr. George Miti gave assurances that the Student Affairs Department  is leading the transition of student life to meld with the creation of the AU virtual campus that will keep students in touch and provide rich learning experiences to keep academic and social  societies vibrant providing a number of avenues for interaction online.

The 2020 freshmen orientation is set to conclude on the 21st of August with students interacting with specially developed practical tutorials from the ICT and Library services that will prepare them for the digital revolution currently taking place in higher education.