30 TO 30 Alumni Series – Dr. Zainab Mohammed Ibrahim Elshami

The 30 TO 30 is an alumni profile series that is celebrating Africa University’s 30th Graduation. This series will profile 30 alumni spread across the continent and globe.

‘More than just an opportunity of a lifetime’

Country: Sudan

Programme: Master in Intellectual Property

Year of Completion: 2017

Current Position: Head of the Bilateral Treaties Section, Department of International Law and Treaties, Ministry of Justice – Sudan.

My time at AU

To say Africa University gave me the opportunity of a lifetime will be an understatement. My experience at AU moulded me into what I am today. Much appreciation to the institution for instilling in me a character I needed to keep expanding my vision.

Post-graduate Impact and Achievements

I have participated in teaching and training at many universities and institutions in Sudan, including the Customs Department and Training Department in the Ministry of Justice. I have given many speeches on the important of intellectual property as well as the registration procedures. In addition, I have attended a course of Intellectual Property Management Strategies by Ni MSME – Government of India under ITEC/SCAAP and AARDO. I successfully completed the WIPO National Workshop on the Patent Cooperation Treaty PCT, the system for worldwide filing of patent applications organised by WIPO. As a trademark registrar, I have facilitated the cooperation between the intellectual property office China and Registrar General of Intellectual Property – Ministry of Justice – Sudan. One of the most amazing opportunities I have experienced post-graduation is being able to teach young children about intellectual property in order to help them think critically about how to secure the creations of the mind that are intangible. Apart from taking part in numerous other workshops in different countries, I also managed to complete my Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) University of Gezira – Sudan, awarded 2023, under the title: The legal Protection of Trademark from unfair competition according to Sudanese law.

Dr. Zainab Mohammed Ibrahim ElshamiHead of the Bilateral Treaties Section, Department of International Law and Treaties, Ministry of Justice – Sudan.

The training and mentorship I received at Africa University during my studies was more than instrumental and has been truly influential in my professional life. The Master of Intellectual Property degree opened doors for me and its impact in the development of our society has been immense.