30 TO 30 Alumni Series – Christopher Hamera

“Africa University is indeed a dreamland!”

Programme: Bachelor of Social Science in Economics

Year of Completion: 2014

Country: Malawi

Current Position: Bank Teller/Payments Officer

Organization: National Bank of Malawi

My time at AU

Being at Africa University was an amazing experience, which undoubtedly set a foundation for my career. Graduating from an international and highly-regarded university has over the years made me attractive in the job market. At AU, I met people from various parts of Africa and I created relationships that I still treasure to this day. Networking with people from diverse cultural backgrounds was a blessing that elevated me in my professional path since graduation. The academic, spiritual and leadership mentoring I received at AU has been greatly influential to date.

Post- Graduate Impact and Achievements

In my current role, I am involved in salary processing for companies and organisations, offering forex advice to customers, writing reports, managing the counter, making payments and receiving deposits, writing cash reports, balancing accounts, opening accounts for customers and marketing the bank’s products, etc.

I have worked with CNBS in USA, served as a missionary in the Philippines, South Korea, Japan and South Africa. Since leaving AU, I have worked for United Methodist Church as a project officer, General Board of Global Ministries of United Methodist Church as a Global Mission Fellow and trainer of missionaries, Business Development officer for Dzuka Africa and as a Lecturer. I can safely say the foundation for all these roles is Africa University.

Christopher Hamera – Bank Teller/Payments Officer, National Bank of Malawi

I am currently serving as secretary in the Board of Education for the Malawi Provision Annual Conference of United Methodist Church. I am also serving as Finance Secretary for the Conference, Chairperson for Council on Finance Chairperson for Southern district Malawi, Commissioner under Global Women of Faith focussing on Education and Economic Empowerment Justice and have just being consecrated during the just recent General Conference in the USA. I am also serving as a Lay Leader for Galilea Local Church and Mpenya Circuit of the United Methodist Church in Malawi. As a very influential leader, I trace my roots back to Africa University, an institution that sowed the seeds of standing up and be counted when it really matters.

AU is a very unique place where I met and interacted with people from all over Africa and beyond. It is this cultural diversity that has had a transformative impact not only on me, but on my fellow Acacians who are transforming lives in various parts of Africa and beyond. Being a Church-related institution means it goes beyond just academic mentoring, but spiritual too. I enjoyed the world class infrastructure, library and digital platforms offered at the institution. Africa University is indeed a dreamland!