30 TO 30 Alumni Series – Cesar Lodiha Akoka 

The 30 TO 30 is an alumni profile series that is celebrating Africa University’s 30th Graduation. This series will profile 30 alumni spread across the continent and globe.

‘AU is an institution of Progression and Excellence’

Programme/Degree: Bachelor of Divinity 

Year of completion: 2021

Current position: CEO at ADAORVEDE, Reverend Pastor (UMC) and student worker in the Wesley Theological Seminary Development Office.  

Country: DRC

My time at AU

Completing my Bachelor of Divinity at Africa University (AU) in 2021 was a transformative period in my life. The comprehensive curriculum and rigorous academic environment provided me with a deep understanding of theological principles, pastoral care and ethical leadership. Africa University’s focus on holistic development helped me grow not just intellectually, but also emotionally and spiritually. The emphasis on community service and ethical practice has been instrumental in shaping my worldview and professional ethos. The diverse and multicultural environment at AU exposed me to a variety of perspectives and traditions, enriching my understanding of global religious practices and helping me develop a more inclusive approach to ministry.

Post-Graduation Impact and Achievements

Currently, I am the CEO of a non-profit organisation called Association d’aide aux Orphelins, aux Veuves et aux Demunis (ADAORVEDE) – https://adaorvede.org/index.php, and also I am serving as an ordained pastor within the West Congo Annual Conference, where I lead community worship services, provide pastoral counselling, and oversee various church activities. My theological education from Africa University has equipped me to handle these responsibilities with confidence and compassion. I actively engage with the community through outreach programs, focusing on social justice, upliftment and interfaith dialogue. These initiatives are directly inspired by the values and teachings instilled in me during my time at AU. I also mentor young aspiring theologians and church members, encouraging their spiritual growth and supporting their educational aspirations. Like what Martin Luther King once said that “I have a dream”, reverend Pastor Cesar Lodiha Akoka also has a dream. My experiences at AU provided me with the skills to effectively guide others on their own journeys of faith and service.

Cesar Lodiha Akoka  – CEO at ADAORVEDE, Reverend Pastor (UMC)

In my opinion, AU is an institution of Choice, Progression, and Excellence, thanks to its rigorous academic programs and distinguished faculty. The institution takes pride in delivering a high-quality education that integrates theological theory with practical application. The university’s commitment to diversity is evident in its student body, which includes individuals from various cultural, national, and denominational backgrounds. This fosters an environment of mutual respect and understanding. AU’s emphasis on developing ethical and visionary leaders is unparalleled. The institution nurtures students to become forward-thinking leaders who can address contemporary challenges with innovative and compassionate solutions.