AU student residence leaders receive training to boost impact and harness their passion

23 September 2021

Sub- wardens of the 2021/2022 academic year received training from the office of The Dean of Students on leadership, effective communication , conflict resolution and community building in a two- day workshop that is designed to harness their leadership potential to better serve the student body.

Sub- Wardens are selected from the student body on a yearly basis and represent the university in the maintenance of the institutions’ rules and regulations in the halls of residence. They also serve as mentors, community builders and big sisters and brothers to the university’s diverse student body , guiding them through the myriad challenges and obstacles that are par for the course in university life.

Through a highly competitive and rigorous application process, the group of 18 Sub- wardens were selected for their passion, initiative and commitment to the improvement of student lives within the university’s 13 halls of residence that collectively hold a capacity for over 1000 students. Undaunted by the level of responsibility that lies ahead, the passion and eagerness of the group to learn and grow under the mentorship of the Warden Mrs. Virginia Benga and her team shone through with inquisitive, challenging and engaging questions being put forth on how they can balance their respective roles as both sub- warden and student.

Warden Mrs. Virginai Benga said, 

” By becoming a sub- warden, you shall be looked up to by your fellow students for guidance, counsel and comfort. In you they see us and they should be able to relate and trust in you as their leadership to look after their best interests, to encourage them and to stand by them.”

Acting Dean of Students Mrs. Zuweni added,

” You are helpers, you are a resource and you are leaders in the student community where your inherent qualities of servant leadership, sensitivity, compassion, effective communication and tolerance should shine through.”

Africa University whose mantra is , “Leaders are made here”, actively invests in creating opportunities for students to serve from sub- wardenship, to the Student Representative Council, to community leadership, to sports and clubs. Africa University believes in the potential of every African.

Sub- warden Fevour Wali Ezra (International Relations) from Nigeria said,

“It makes me feel good to know that there are people who will look up to me as a role model and an inspiration. I know the responsibility that this entails and I vow to never waste it or take it for granted.”

Fevour Wali Ezra (Nigeria)

Elizabeth Kakuto Milibe (Heath Services Management)  from Kenya added,

“I am so excited but also a little bit scared “. (She laughs shyly)

“I know that leadership comes with challenges but this training has allayed any fears that I have had of inadequacy and not feeling worthy enough. I take this part of my life’s journey as a learning experience which shall certainly enrich and develop me as a leader.”

Elizabeth Kakuto Malibe (Kenya)

One of the male sub- wardens Trymore Sabao  (Natural Resources Management) from Mozambique said of the journey ahead, 

“I look forward to helping people. That is my passion and I now get to do what I love!”

Trymore Sabao (Mozambique)

Confiance Okito (International Relations) from the DRC summed up the feelings of the group saying,

“To be a student leader is the realization of a dream. Our purpose for being here is to work for the wellbeing of others. Ours shall be a group that is guided by the Ubuntu philosophy and one that seeks to uplift and empower each student to reach their full potential and thrive at Africa University.”

Confiance Okito (DRC)