AU Chair of Educational Technologies Basuti Bolo appointed International Academy of Space Law Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Botswana

Chair of Educational Technologies Basuti Bolo has been appointed ambassador and national point of contact of the International Academy of Space Law for Botswana and Zimbabwe. Speaking to the importance of the appointment for both nations she said, ” This appointment is important because it will open doors for the two countries for collaborations, partnerships and  the training of students at the International Academy of Space Law (IASL), as well as to learn from that institution. The IASL is a unique platform for promoting international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space. It brings together bona fide Space Actors around the world, and conducts international workshops, training courses, and pilot projects on topics that include Remote sensing, Satellite navigation, Satellite meteorology, Tele-education, and basic Space sciences for the benefit of developing nations. Botswana and Zimbabwe could benefit from all these.”

Miss Bolo went on to highlight why it is so important for Zimbabwe and Botswana to embrace this area of expertise emphasizing that the training that youth will gain access to will promote the teaching and acquisition of STEM- related knowledge thereby broadening technical skills sets on the continent as well as providing technical knowledge in the development of early warning systems that help in the prediction and mitigation of natural disasters.

She also added that the appointment shall serve as the perfect platform and channel for the advancement of Africa University’s strategic drive towards the integration of technology into the educational space and the attainment of sustainable development on the continent . She said, “The quality education related to space programs can empower all with space applications knowledge and skills used to monitor and manage African resources for sustainable development. The collaboration between the  International Academy of Space Law and Africa University could give Africa University the opportunity to provide quality education by introducing spatial sciences programmes, research and projects. One of my core responsibilities in this role  is to conduct outreach programs in the two countries, to motivate and to inspire others to pursue space programs as well as to guide on the curriculum development of these programs.  I aspire to  continue to  bring new ideas in the development of contextual indigenous spatial analysis systems and to encourage our youth to pursue spatial science and STEM programmes.”