Africa University Campus news brief

5-8 November 2021

A night in Africa- Students host culture night in  celebration of diversity and togetherness

In what has become a much anticipated event that marks the last student event before the beginning of examinations, Africa University’s students representing over 28 nationalities hosted a culture night that was organized though the office of the Dean of Students under the theme, “A night in Africa“. Each hall of residence was tasked to develop brief presentations that documented their journey together as students during the first academic semester that reflected experiences of Ubuntu.

The residences were then given the opportunity to showcase the talent and culture of the nationalities represented in the respective blocks through poetry, drama, song and dance. 

Encouraging a culture of environmental stewardship and responsibility

A clean up campaign was held on the 5th of November 2021 led by the Environmental Sciences Department head Mrs. Munashe Kurewatiwha. The clean up campaign marks a return to form for the university that has held environmental stewardship and responsibility in high regard, hosting monthly clean up campaigns both on campus and in the City of Mutare to raise awareness and participation in the worthy cause.

The university’s clean up campaign initiatives had been halted temporarily due to the COVID- 19 Pandemic that saw students and staff migrating to online teaching and learning platforms. As the country slowly opens up, the university intends to conscientize the community on the importance of clean environments to public health and community wellbeing with the ultimate goal being the creation of stronger, healthier  societies.


Board member and Chairman of the Africa University Zimbabwe Finance Committee visits AU main campus


Mr. Charlie Moore (Baltimore, USA) Member of the Africa University Board of Directors and Chairman of the AU Zimbabwe Finance Committee

AU Board Member and  AU Zimbabwe Finance Committee Chairman Mr. Charlie Moore and Mrs. Carol Moore visited Africa University from the 5th to the 8th of November 2021 in a trip that uplifted spirits on campus and was an opportunity for fellowship and reflection on the sterling leadership that the university’s Board of Directors , management and staff have displayed in the past two years to weather the COVID- 19 storm coming out stronger and more determined than before. Also accompanying the Moore’s were Ralph Duckworth, Jim Gourley, Sue McCann, Esther Andrews and Lincoln Nyamusara.

 At a dinner hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Moore in Vumba , he said, ” We are so appreciative of the bravery and leadership that the management of Africa University here in Zimbabwe has shown. The strides that have been made, the achievements that we continue to realize and the heights we climb are because of you and the staff of this great institution. We appreciate you for all you do.” Mr. Moore and the group toured the campus and had an opportunity to see the latest buildings that have been added to the university , the Highland Park Women’s Hostel and Students Union Building along with the Moot Court that shall be used by students of the Law Programme that is set to begin enrolment soon.


Joint Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development and Women’s Affairs, Community and SME’s Development visits main campus to engage students and staff on Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Spaces


Africa University received a delegation of representatives from the Joint Portfolio Committee on Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development and Women’s Affairs, Community and SME’s Development from  the Parliament of Zimbabwe to engage staff and students on the important topic of Sexual Harassment and to explore the extent of the scourge in higher education spaces. Representatives from various sections of the university added their voice to the timely and critical discussion as university campuses in Zimbabwe and Africa make strides to create enabling and safe spaces for women and men to reach their full potential without fear of victimization , violence or abuse.

Interim Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Pamela Machakanja explains the Africa University Sexual Harassment Policy

A highlight of the deliberations was the Africa University Sexual Harassment Policy that was hailed by members of Parliament as a model policy whose whistleblower clause emancipates and empowers victims to come forward without fear. Developed in a consultative process, the institution’s sexual harassment policy has been developed with victim support at its core.