Alumnus Costa Cristovao hopes to be a role model for servant leadership and community service.

Recent AU graduate Costa Cristovao from Angola wondered what the best use of his time would be after acquiring his degree in Divinity and Religious Studies from the Institute of Theology and Religious Studies (ITRS) in July 2021. After applying for his masters degree overseas , being accepted and facing a 6 month wait for his programme to begin, Costa thought of how he could give back and reinvest in the community that gave him so much.

” Africa University is a very special place for me as this is where I was opened up to an entirely new world. To have thought of eventually wanting to venture into further study overseas and not only that, but  in an English speaking country coming from an entirely Lusophone one (Angola) was something I never thought I would be able to do. I remember coming to AU , not knowing a word of English but now I am fluent  and look forward to learning other languages.”

With a desire to perfect his skills in English, teach the Portuguese language to staff and to also be a part of the story of diversity that is integral to the university’s DNA, Costa volunteered his time and skill to the Africa University Office of Advancement and Public Affairs (OAPA) as a communicator in its Public Affairs department. 

Costa said, 

” This is the best use of my time as I help to build this great university. We are an international brand on the continent and for us to be able to communicate in the different languages that make up Africa be it Swahili, French , Zulu or Lingala proudly demonstrates our inclusivity and makes us truly unique.”

Developing and supporting its graduates after graduation is one of the fundamental tenets of student success and progression at Africa University understanding that creating a robust professional and peer network allows for the creation of opportunities and growth post graduation.

The Africa University Office of Advancement and Public Affairs serves as a conduit for the formation of transformative partnerships and development of the university through organizations, individuals and governments in Africa. Through its Public Affairs Department, the success story of the institution is told continentally and globally ,placing at the forefront the many achievements and milestones that its students and staff continue to realize.