News in Brief: Department of Agriculture and Natural Sciences Participates In Virtual Poultry Management School

24- 25 May 2021

A virtual Poultry Health Management School (PHMS) was held from the 24th to the 25th of May 2021 whose objective  was to educate farmers and avian health professionals on the latest research discoveries and innovations in the poultry industry to improve flock health and performance.

A total of 143 farmers, academics, technicians and members of the community from across the globe participated in the conference where topics covered included  Anatomy and Physiology; Animal Health and Welfare covering Disease; Vaccination; Biosecurity; Use of Antibiotics; Avian Influenza; Food Production; Technology in the Meat Industry; Food Preparation;  and research findings. Participating from AU were Dr. Sebastian Chakeredza and Animal Science students Ryan Nharudzo and Panashe Sanyatwe

The event was a multi-university extension/outreach programme with Purdue and Michigan State Universities in the USA. The conference offered joint lectures and individual breakout sessions pertaining to the turkey, broiler and layer industries whose intention was to provide new knowledge as well as  an update on some basic information. 

Poultry projects are seen as an important empowerment tool for women and youth in Africa. With low capital inputs , minimal maintenance costs and brisk turnaround times from the beginning of a project to end production, poultry farming is seen as a low hanging fruit through which entrepreneurship and home grown community businesses can thrive.

Africa University continues to spearhead community development initiatives at both local and regional level through such conferences and partnerships to uplift and change lives.