AU signs MOU with Domboshava Theological College

 5 March 2020
Story by Jeanette Dadzie
Marketing and Public Affairs Officer
Office of Advancement and Public Affairs

Africa University through its Institute of Theology and Religious Studies (ITRS) signed a landmark MOU with Domboshava Theological College, Zimbabwe (DTC) that will see the latter becoming affiliated to the University and able to offer Master’s Degree programmes that will be recognized globally offering candidates a competitive edge on the market through attaining an Africa University certified qualification. Present at the signing ceremony were the Director of the ITRS Rev. Dr. David Bishau, Dean of the College of Social Sciences, Theology, Humanities and Education (CSSTHE) Professor Grima Menelik and the University’s executive management. Vice Chancellor Professor Furusa expanded upon the reputation that Africa University has garnered over the years as a pillar of quality education in Zimbabwe and the continent. “We are a student- centred university that aspires to embed within each and every facet of our operations and services world- class standards. As we move forward in this partnership, we hope to positively influence each other. We are blessed to have you join us and though the span of the MOU covers the next five years, it is my sincere hope that our relationship shall last a lifetime.”

Rev. Dr. Musasiwa, the Principal of the DTC expressed his gratitude to those who worked tirelessly to develop an MOU that best serves the interests of the perspective students and partners. He went on to assure VC. Furusa and the Africa University team in attendance that the maintenance of impeccable standards of quality in the delivery of programmes and a sensitivity to student needs are shared values and shall not be compromised. He said, “We are delighted to have reached this moment finally. Currently, our degree programme in Theological Studies is on its 25th intake. What drove the requirement to increase our programme offerings to Masters level is that we noticed a groundswell among our students with the expression of a desire to expand their qualifications. We naturally sought out the best institution that could take us further and help us realize this next step in our journey and Africa University is it.” Rev. Dr. Musasiwa went on to speak of the similarities that exist between the two partners, “We are both built on Christ and believe firmly that the future of Africa is dependent upon a certain quality of leader- those moved by conviction, confidence, character and competence. Our graduates will be ecstatic at this development.”

Established 1992 as an evangelical non-denominational training centre, the DTC’s focus is to train Christian leaders of integrity for the church and the wider society in Zimbabwe and beyond. Its students and staff come from over 30 different denominations. The College is registered with the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development and is one of the founding members in the Association for Theological Education in Zimbabwe (ACTEZ). The DTC’s mission is to provide biblically faithful, contextually relevant and academically accredited training that produces leaders for churches, para-church organisations and schools, characterised by conviction, Godly character and competence.

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